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February 19, 2007

My First Real Post

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Ok, so this is my first real post.

I’m not sure what I should write about.

Since Facebook is blocked at school, I need to find another website to obsess over hahaha.

Well, I guess that I can talk about my penpals and my favourite musicians because that’s what I tend to talk about in real life.

Featured Artists:


Dong Bang Shin Ki

This is Dong Bang Shin Ki, one of my favourite Korean boy-bands. They formed about 3 years ago (December 26th 2003). They’re famous in Japan and China as well. They’re also known as DBSK, DBSG, and TVXQ.

Big Bang

Meet Big Bang. They are too cool for words hahaha. They’re another Korean Boy-band that I listen to. I got most of my friends at school addicted to them. They also did a really awesome remake of This Love by Maroon 5. I’ll try and upload it later.


This is 1TYM (pronounced One Time). They were the forst Korean boy-band I was in to. Well, at was at the same time as H.O.T. But whatevs XD


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